** L'EPICERIE ** - Golden Whitefish Roe

May 15, 2008

  The Golden Whitefish is an excellent choice for decorating dishes or to serve on toasts. The roe are a crisp, pale golden color and almost iridescent in appearance. It has a naturally mild and subtle flavor and fine crispy texture. It’s mild yet fine and crispy texture offers a pronounced pop under the tongue. Whitefish caviar’s tempered flavor makes it a good match for seasonings, flavor infusions and smoking processes.

Constantly in search of distributors and purveyors catering to top professional chefs, L'Epicerie is proud to offer Paramount Caviar’s exquisite line to home chefs. Hossein Aimani, owner of Paramount Caviar, personally travels the world to choose the finest producers, and hand-selects and oversees the processing and shipping of all roe and caviar. Eric Ripert of Le Bernardin, Laurent Tourondel of Cello and BLT restaurants, Erik Blauberg of 21, Bill Telepan of Telepan, Tom Valenti of Ouest, and Matthew Seeber of Bid at Sotheby's are among the numerous chefs who trust and rely on the refined products provided by Hossein Aimani every day. We are confident that after one taste you will understand why Paramount Caviar is their choice and make it your choice for best caviar.

The Golden Whitefish is a smaller freshwater fish that lives in all Northern countries including United States (Great Lakes) and Canada.