Nov 18, 2001


Sunday, November 18th 2001, 2:24AM

With visions of sugarplums, to say nothing of chocolates and peppermints, caviar and Camembert, showing up in stores all over town, you may want to pick up two of everything: one to give as a gift, and one to savor yourself. Here are some temptations to get you into the holiday spirit.

TASTY TWIST White and milk chocolate wrapped around a pretzel; $10 for a box of six at Henri Bendel, 712 Fifth Ave., (212) 247-1100.

ARTISTIC ANTIPASTO Decorative glass jar layered with veggies, from $6.99 for a 9-ounce bottle to $26.99 for a 71-ounce bottle at Balducci's, 424 Sixth Ave., (212) 673-2600.

CHOCOHOLICS ONLY Hand-woven chocolate basket filled with chocolate treats -- dark, milk and white chocolate truffles and chocolate almond bark from Black Hound, 170 Second Ave., (212) 979-9505.

ALL ABOARD This little wooden train delivers a cargo of hard candy; $15 at Henri Bendel, 712 Fifth Ave., (212) 247-1100.

SAUCY IDEA Sinfully rich liquor-drenched chocolate truffle sauces are $6.50 a jar at Black Hound, 170 Second Ave., (212) 979-9505.

NOW THAT'S ITALIAN Surprise a pasta lover by pairing rigatoncini with an exotic tomato sauce. The pasta is $5, The 16-ounce jar of sauce is $5.99 at the Mount Carmel Gourmet Food Shop, 2344 Arthur Ave., Bronx, (718) 933-2295.

MY CHERRY AMOUR These ones from Toschi are preserved in liquor, $8 at Teitel Brothers. 2359 Arthur Ave., Bronx, (718) 733-9400.

BARK WITH A BITE Chocolate bark with peppermint bits is $19.50 for a 1-lb. tin; peppermint sticks in a 2-lb. tin are $16. Williams Sonoma, 1175 Madison Ave., (212) 289-6832.

SMILING SANTAS A tin filled with 18 iced sugar cookies is $50 at Eleni's, 75 Ninth Ave. (inside Chelsea Market), (212) 255-7990.

CORNER CADDY Cruets of olive oil in a metal holder are $78 at Oliviers and Co., Grand Central Terminal, (212) 973-1472.

SAY CHEESE A round (or two) of good-quality cheese is sure to please even the pickiest foodie on your list. Check out the selection at Tuller's, 199 Court St., Brooklyn, (718) 222-9933, where we found this pretty trio.

BATTER UP Vermont pancake mix paired with real maple syrup in a handsome gift set is $12.49 at Balducci's, 424 Sixth Ave., (212) 673-2600.

BIG SPENDERS Okay, $75 is a nice chunk of change, but it's a lot less than the cost of a hotel. Any guest who sends this gift pack of delicacies will definitely be invited back. It includes a 5.1-ounce tin of French foie gras with 2% truffle, cornichon pickles, Italian cipollini onions, a mini-loaf of pumpernickel bread, and a mother of pearl pat? knife. Paramount Caviar, 38-15 24th St., Long Island City, (718) 786-7747.

TERRIFIC TWOSOME Bottles of roasted garlic olive oil and country Italian vinegar are packed into decorative bottles in a wooden box. The set is $34.99 at Balducci's, 424 Sixth Ave., (212) 673-2600.