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Apr 11, 2008


From the 54th Summer Fancy Food Show (2008)
Fresh and shelf-stable products from all over the world. Caspian Sea Imperial Osetra; Osetra and Sevruga caviar; Saffron products. Paddlefish, hackleback, bowfin, salmon, whitefish and lobster roes; smoked domestic fish. Flying fish and smelt roe. Carp and lumpfish roe. Whole and pre-sliced smoked salmon in commercial and retail package styles. Farm-raised white sturgeon caviar (acipencer transmontanus), fresh and preserved truffle products for both retail and institutional use, specialty cold cuts and sauces. Farm-raised (Baerii) osetra caviar, dried mushrooms, foie gras and honey products. Mujjol caviar (grey mullet roe), dried tuna bottarga and squid ink. Specialty smoked Salmon loins and sides. Seaweed caviar. Caviar utensils, plates, presenters and tableware.

Paramount Caviar, Rougie, Casa Modena, Senfter, Castelli, Sulpizio Tartufi, Canolla, Appennino