About Us

Paramount Caviar is one of the major distributors within the United States and is extremely proud to have won two Gold medals for product consistency and quality. While that might seem enough praise for any other caviar company, we are equally proud and flattered that every day trust is placed in our hands by some of the greatest 3 and 4 Michelin stared restaurants such as Eric Ripert of Le Bernardin in the United States and throughout the world. Additionally many of the most prestigious gourmet retailers in New York and nationwide, rely upon Paramount Caviar for their complete line of comsumer based caviar products.

Started in 1991 by husband and wife team, Hossein Aimani and Amy Arrow-Aimani priding themselves on overseeing all aspects of their artisinal caviar business. Hossein travels the world to hand select and oversee the processing of his highly demanded caviar for his most discerning of clients throughout the United States, while Amy and his highly professional staff work to guarantee the clients complete satisfaction.

Caviar, which is in a class of its own, has very distinguishable characteristics, if excellence is your objective as it is at Paramount Caviar, then you should know that not all caviar is great caviar. It starts by way of the sturgeon, its diet,  the water it swims in and who and how the delicate roe is handled when being processed that accumulates to the culmination of great caviar. Handling this premium product demands the utmost care, clinical cleanliness and years of knowledge in processing roe into caviar. Last but not least, you need great suppliers from all over the world that for years have worked for many years to maintain this very special species of sturgeon giving you the ultimate in premium caviar. Paramount Caviar assures the public than when purchasing their caviar it will be the freshest and of the highest quality available throughout the United States.

Today, the Caspian Sea sturgeon is an endangered species, making all wild caviar from the Caspian Sea illegal to be sold. Paramount Caviar only distributes fresh caviar from farmed facilities throughout the world. All products when entering into the United States are carfully scutinized for the proper documentation including the CITES documentation required by the United States to gain entry and to be sold within the United States. (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species). 

In an on going effort to protect this industry, Paramount Caviar prides its self on working with farmers all over the world in a mindfull maner to protect the sustainability of the product for future generations.