Fresh Whole White Alba Truffles

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Common name: White Alba Truffle

Latin name: Tuber Magantum pico vitt

Size:  Please call for weekly pricing, we are happy to accomidate your special request.  

Country of origin: Italy

Product profile: Highly prized among the edible truffles, these fresh truffles are either lobed, spherical or oval shaped and vary in size. The skin is smooth and has an beige color and can sometimes exhibit red or brown spots. Fresh white truffles are known to have an intense aroma similar to garlic.

Serving suggestions: Slice over pasta or risotto for a decident Italian meal.

Care: When slicing truffles, one should use a stainless steal truffle slicer to acchive uniform slices. Always store unused truffles in risotto rice and refrigerate. Use and enjoy soon after purchasing for maximum flavor. Prepare rice traditionally to enjoy the truffle flavor that has been transfered while storing.

Shipping: FedEx Overnight

*Please call for current availability and pricing 800-99caviar / 718-786-7747.


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