Lobster Tails

Harvested in North East America, this lobster is of the best quality. Raw meat is expertly detached using a High Pressure Process resulting in higher yield. Flash-Frozen promptly after harvest, it is fresher than fresh.Already deveined, the tails are vacuum-packed in detachable boilable bags.

  • Processed from 1.5 lb. hard-shell live North Atlantic lobsters (Spring and Fall catch seasons)
  • Lobsters are humanely stunned and raw meat is expertly detached using High Pressure Process, resulting in 27% yield; tail is deveined
  • Raw lobster meat is manually extracted from shell 
  • Raw lobster meat is tender and ultra-fresh with a unique sea salt flavor  
  • Versatility of use: carpaccio, ceviche, sushi, seared, poached, oven baked, etc...
  • Boilable vacuum packs go directly from freezer to hot water/circulator for easy thawing or sous-vide cooking
  • Portion control meaning no market price fluctuations and year-round availability

Size Price  
5.6 oz $45.00

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