American Trio

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Our classic American trio contains the following items for your pleasure:

  • 4.4 oz. of North American Paddlefish, a wild and sustainable Caviar
  • Latin name: Polyodon spathula
  • 4.4 oz. of Whitefish Roe, a wild and sustainable Roe
  • Latin Name: Prosopium cylindraceum
  • 4.4 oz. of Salmon Roe, a wild and sustainable Roe
  • Latin Name: Oncorhynchus
  • One 8 oz. tub of Crème Fraîche
  • One package of French Blini containing 30 pieces
  • Three Mother of Pearl Caviar Spoons
  • This package can serve from 10 to 15 people. 

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All your items will be beautifully packaged in our exclusive luxurious soft leather reusable travel bag or our signature Paramount "stay cool" bag. 




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Gift in Leather Bag $375.00
SALE: $318.75
Gift in PC Signature Bag $300.00
SALE: $255.00


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