Caviar & Vodka Presentoir with Fish Handles

  • Code: #1238
  • Outside Measurements: 14" wide x 10" tall
  • Caviar Bowl Capacity:  8-16 ounces
  • Components: Stainless steel, 6 vodka shot glasses, 1 glass caviar bowl & 1 cover
  • Place of Origin: India
  • Shipping: FedEx Ground or Overnight
  • Care: Hand wash caviar bowl in warm water and mild soap. Wipe all water from all stainless pieces, dry well and store in presentation box.

This beautiful Silver Plated Caviar Presentoir allows you to serve Caviar with a vodka of your choice. This Presentoir allows the host to add ice into the server to keep vodka and Caviar at the perfect temperature.

Size Price  
Holds 4 -16 oz Caviar $275.00

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