Waterford Lismore Diamond Caviar Presentoir

  • Code: #1240
  • Name: Waterford Lismore Diamond Caviar Presentoir
  • Measurement: 10" diameter outer bowl ~ 5 " diameter caviar bowl
  • Caviar Bowl Capacity: 16 - 20 oz.
  • Materials: 2 Lead cut crystal bowls & 1 silver plated riser
  • Country of Origin: Ireland
  • Shipping: FedEx Ground or Overnight
  • Care: Hand wash in warm water with mild soap, do not use anything abrasive. Dry well and store in presentation box.
  • Weight: 17 lbs

Lismore Diamond is the signature pattern for the 60th Anniversary celebration, featuring horizontal cuts alternating-height vertical cuts which create light refracting, diamond like facets of unsurpassed prismatic reflectivity.

Size Price  
9.5" W x 5" H $485.00

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